A campaign to purchase a slip dock for public use
at Lake George Regional Park


In Memory of Allan Hart

In Maine, vintage canoes are a testament to quality craftsmanship and a connection to place. With names like the “Skowhegan” and “Kennebec,” these vessels held the promise of a memorable adventure, and their owners cared for them as heirlooms. This is the story of Old Town canoe number 176229.

As a lover of the fresh air and freedom of the outdoors, Allan Hart loved activities which allowed him to enjoy it. Canoeing Maine’s fresh lakes was just one of those activities. In 1966 at the age of 18, he ordered his first canoe, a 16’, Guide model Old Town wood and canvas beauty. Green of course. Allan had it shipped to his cousin Phillip in Hartland, Maine a year later on May 1, his birthday.

To say it was his pride would be an understatement. Allan lovingly cared for his canoe at the family cabin on Moose Pond, in Hartland. Not many people were fortunate enough to experience a paddle in her, until years later, in the early 1980’s, when he introduced his future wife, Sarah, to his parents. Allan took her for a ride in his cherished canoe. Once they were out of the water his Dad said , “He must really like you. He doesn’t let anyone in that canoe.”

This is a vintage, original condition Old Town canoe. In Allan’s memory, Sarah is donating this treasure to Lake George Regional Park for a sale that will fund a new slip dock for future paddlers to access the waterfront, the way Allan would have enjoyed.

Original Condition, Serial #176229
“Guide Special” Old Town Wooden Canoe

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