Volunteer at Lake George Regional Park

Lake George Regional Park needs your help!

Volunteers Raking LeavesEach year, dozens of volunteers help us maintain our park and its resources. It does not take long to see a project at Lake George Regional Park that was completed by or with help of Volunteers. Since 1992 Volunteers have worked to shape and maintain the park. Much of the parks infrastructure and maintenance relies on volunteers of all ages in all seasons.

We appreciate the outpouring of support from those who care about preserving Lake George as a community resource, and will be organizing a database of VOLUNTEERS for special projects. SIGN UP, and we’ll be in touch!

For more information, please Contact the Park to find out what you can do to help be steward of Lake George Regional Park.

Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer. ~Author Unknown

Volunteer Projects Include:

Grounds, beach, and trail maintenance
Community Clean-Up
Building renovation
Maintaining flowers, trees, and shrubs
Developing programs
Special projects

Volunteer Benefits

General Volunteers

  • 0 up to 5 volunteer hrs – Public thank you on Social Media
  • More than 5 up to 10 volunteer hrs – T-shirt (either LGRP shirt or event shirt)
  • More than 10 up to 20 volunteer hrs – LGRP Sweatshirt (choice of hooded or crew)
  • More than 20 up to 25 volunteer hrs – Name added to Volunteer Plaque
  • More than 25 volunteer hrs – Season Pass (choice of Family or Individual) for the following season

Benefits are cumulative

Volunteer Plaque will be displayed in the new Outdoor Recreation and Event Center (Social Hall) upon completion of renovations.

Agencies Serving Disadvantaged Populations Seeking Season Pass Donation

  • The agency must complete a designated application by May 31 of the applicable year.
  • Applications are only available to agencies that supply a minimum of 5 hours, of volunteer support for the annual Community Clean Up Day at the Park during the applicable year.
  • A maximum of five annual passes to agencies will be given each year. Preference will be given to those agencies who have not received a recent Pass.

Lake George Regional Park, Annual Community Clean-Up

2023 Details coming soon!

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