Park Rules & Regulations

The following rules and regulations are established by the Lake George Corporation for Lake George Regional Park. Anyone using the park is obliged to follow them.

1.    The use of all areas shall be limited to the purposes for which they are being preserved and to activities determined by the Corporation to be compatible with the intended use of the facility.
2.    Children under 12 are not permitted in the park without adequate supervision.
3.    Alcoholic beverages are not permitted.
4.    Smoking is prohibited around  water front, buildings, beach areas and picnic areas, no e-cigarettes.
5.    Disorderly conduct is prohibited.
6.    Open fires are not allowed. Charcoal fires are permitted only in receptacles designed for that purpose.
7.    Wheeled vehicles, including motorcycles, shall be parked only in designated areas. All-terrain vehicles are prohibited.
8.    Motorized vehicles are not allowed on trails, except for snowmobiles, which are allowed on marked trails only.
9.    Please carry in and carry out your refuse.
10.    The removal, injury, or damage of anything natural, physical, or historical within the park is strictly prohibited.
11.    Metal detectors are prohibited.
12.    Soliciting is prohibited.
13.    The discharging of waste, including soaps and detergents, is strictly prohibited except in locations designed for that purpose.
14.    Bathing and use of soap in the lake are prohibited.
15.    Arrangements for group use or for use of facilities must be made in advance by contacting the Park.
16.    Pets are prohibited from May 15 to September 15.
17.    Parking is prohibited on East Lake George Road June 15–September 15.
18.    The Park closes at Sunset

Any violation of any of these rules constitutes grounds for dismissal from the park.


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