Group Use & Reservations

Lake George Regional Park hosts a number of special events, including family reunions, weddings, company outings, birthday parties, church gatherings and more. Several youth groups use the parks facilities to house educational programming and even day camps.

There are two options related to special events, group use, and facility reservations in the park:

1. Group Rates

For groups of 20 people or more, the park offers a special rate of $5 per person. To establish the group rate, the party must advise the park in advance and pay an $100 deposit. The group may advise a preferred location within the park for their event, however group rates do not include a reserved space or exclusive use of a space. Upon the day of the event, if the preferred space has not been reserved or is not in use at capacity the group may utilize that space. If the preferred space is not available, the group would need to choose and occupy another area of the park. If the preferred space of a group is reserved by a 3rd party after the group use deposit has been paid, the park will communicate these details to the group and work with them to advise another area of the park for their event.

2. Facility Reservations

Certain areas of “Lake George West” may be reserved in advance. There is a flat fee for each of these facilities regardless of the number of people in the party. Note, there are capacity limits to each facility or designated area. Reservations provide for exclusive use of the designated facility or area. Reservations can not be made for facilities or areas on the park’s east side.

Facility Pricing – Lake George West

Island, $2,000

Upper Field, $750

Tent Rental: $1,250 – 20′ x 60′ professional 3-peak tent rental, includes sides, set up and breakdown

Combination of facilities, pro rated and discounted

All facility combination, pro rated and discounted

All reservations are for 1/2 day set up, 1 full day for the event, 1/2 day breakdown

If you are interested in reserving a combination of facilities or the entire Lake George West facility, please contact the park for fees and availability.

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