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A lot has happened since 1992 when Lake George Regional Park began and with your help, the future will be no different. Looking back at the Mohican House and Camp Modin’s time on these historic grounds, we recognize we are the current stewards of this land and keepers of so many special buildings. All of those involved in our past can feel proud of the accomplishment that maintaining, sustaining, and protecting this unique resource represents.

Our challenge to meet our mission continues: to provide and maintain affordable public access to the services and facilities of Lake George Regional Park. The park is managed using principles of safety, stewardship, and service learning, and will offer recreational, educational, and social opportunities for visitors. The park continues to expand programming and has continued to increase access to park facilities. Our Annual Fund auction continues to be a corner stone to our years’ success. Held the first Saturday in November, we could not have been more pleased with the turnout and sense of involvement and support throughout the event.

As you are probably aware, most of our expenses involve the staffing and resources necessary to sustain, maintain, and protect the park. Established in 1992, owned by the State, and managed by Lake George Corporation (a 501 C-3 non profit entity), we do not receive state funding. While the Board of Directors continues to identify strategies to ensure the continued financial viability of the park, we rely on our Annual Fund campaign to sustain our operations annually. We hope you will consider a contribution to the future of Lake George Regional Park and consider this an opportunity to ensure unlimited access to this wonderful natural resource.

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Your Generosity is Greatly Appreciated


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