Fall Activities

Nature Walks and Hiking

Lake George Regional Park has trails on the east side and west side. The east side of the Park offers flatter, wider trails, great for admiring the fall foliage and local wildlife. The west side offers rougher, steeper trails ideal for an afternoon hike. Please recognize some trails are located on private property and we ask for your help in respecting a “leave no trace” philosophy.

Fall Fishing

Fishing in the fall is a popular pastime at Lake George Regional Park. Foliage views offer a breath-taking backdrop while out on the lake. We encourage all those looking to fish to check www.maine.gov/ifw/ for rules and regulations. Access to Lake is available at the boat launch and at the east side of the park. Bait can be obtained at the local store in Canaan.


Any boaters, including kayakers, who use the east or west side of the park are subject to user fees. The Lake George Regional Park Boat Launch is available at the east entrance of the park. Boat Launch users are asked to park in the parking area across the dirt road from the launch. The Boat Launch is maintained by Lake George Corporation and users should report any issues they encounter to Park Rangers or Maine Warden Service.

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