Lake George Regional Park has fully re-opened for the 2020 season as of May 23. The park is open and using designated Covid protocols to protect both staff and visitors to the park. Please be patient and considerate of our fellow community members by practicing social distancing and adhering to other safety measures which include but are not limited to:

1. Face cover – mask
2. Wash hands on a regular basis
3. Distance of 6 ft between yourself and others
4. Sterilize shared items when applicable

Also, please note that there may be lines at the gate on busy summer days, in part due to procedures for visitor check-in that comply with Covid safety protocol.

The park does not enforce how the public interacts in public space, other than to provide recommendations, information and in some cases facilities. Entering the park is at one’s own risk and personal safety measures are ultimately up to the individual. The park reserves the right to close at any time if it deems that public interaction in the park is escalating the community risks involved with Covid 19.